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Here at Artemis Gaia we love our sustainable brands who put as much effort into caring for the environment and abiding by ethical practices as we do, but did you know that it’s now ‘In Vogue’ to dress sustainably? 

The recent fashion and media frenzy coverage of sustainable fashion is a breath of fresh air, not just because it’s this season’s trend but the coverage is helping brands that are making it their purpose to use recycled, re-purposed materials and going that all out extra mile to take pollutants out of our environment. 

Whether we like it or not, Fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry after oil. The process of making our clothes through the colouring of fabrics with dyes and the materials used such as polyester has a massive impact on our environment. 


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Dua Lipa’s obsession with sustainable fashion  

So what is sustainable fashion all about then?

Sustainable and ethical fashion are two sides of the same coin. The concept of sustainability in the industry refers to the effects of the production of clothing on the environment whereas ethical fashion (or slow fashion) concerns the way clothing is made – including  how the cotton was grown to the treatment of how animals for fabrics and how garment workers are treated.

What to look out for when choosing your brand

Here we list a few points to look out for when looking for ways to choose a sustainable brand – not all items can be manufactured without some negative impact on the environment but those that tick as many boxes as possible is always a bonus!

Use of Water: It takes hundreds of gallons of water to dye fabric, and the waste ends up in our water supply, the less water used the better. Levi’s have launched a range where they have sought to use less water in their dyeing process.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials: The use of pesticides in the cotton trade has a harmful impact on both the environment and the workers who deal with picking, manufacturing and making the garments. Organic cotton along with the introduction of natural fibres, such as bamboo and the recycling of polyester are ones to look out for.

Long Lifecycle: fashion lines and stores that release new designs every few weeks so that you spend your hard earned money on modelling the latest trends while clothes are tossed away, there are better options for staying fashionable! Look for designs that are timeless that you can wear repeatedly and mix and match.

Waste: The key here is recycle, re-use and re-sell. The likes of eBay, H&M and Ganni’s take back scheme are great for selling or receiving coupons back for your pre-loved garments while putting money back into your pocket. 

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Brands to add to your radar

Adidas has partnered with Parley to ensure 100% recycled polyester is used in all  of their products by 2024. Using innovative technologies, ‘Primeblue’, is a high performance recycled material made from ocean plastic spun into sportswear. Check out the Adidas Primeblue range here:

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Tentree ensure their garments are made from environmentally conscious materials using TENCEL, recycled polyester, organic cotton and hemp. For every purchase Tentree plants trees on your behalf, aiming to reach 1 billion trees by 2030. See the Tentree collection here:

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Tikea’s range of cork based accessories brings a new level to eco-material alternatives. Styled in a range of vibrant colours, these make the prefect accompaniment for any outfit.

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Latest news & updates

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