I wondered, when did I first hear about “reversed lens”? Back in 2012? 2013? I learned that this is one of the cheapest options among “real” macro gear. Not like using a telephoto lens as a macro lens for 1:2 magnification ratios (which is also awesome), but really, 1:1 or over.

This is called extreme macro, and if you want to create really stunning pictures of the things you cannot see with the naked eye, you must go over a 1:1 ratio. For this, lens reversing is the cheapest solution, and I never had a lot of money for gear.

From the first look through the viewfinder, the bugs, flowers, anything looks as if you are really close (a reversed Canon kit lens can do 2:1.) Well, a microscope can show more, but macro for me is about capturing the animals and flowers out there, in their natural habitat, without harming them—it is important.

As time passed, I got a cheap manual lens for using reversed, and then, in around 2014, I built my own reversed Canon 18-55 kit lens which I’ve been using ever since. You can find out how I made it here.

Now, I’ve collected some of my best, nature-themed macros here to show what most people don’t see every day. I hope you will enjoy them! There will be some macro shots with a simple telephoto lens among the pictures.

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#1 Dew On Grass, 2014

#2 Honeybee Portrait, About 10mm, 2020

#3 Rolled Over; Butterfly On Lavender, 2019 (Sigma 70-300 Telephoto Lens)

#4 Damselfly, 50-60mm, 2019 (Olympus E-Pl1 With Reversed Manual Lens)

#5 Spider, 3-4mm, 2013

#6 Stan And Pan, 2015

#7 Hajime!, Spider, About 5-8mm, 2020

#8 Damselfly, 50-60mm, 2019 (Olympus E-Pl1 With Reversed Manual Lens)

#9 Tiny Wasp Mimicking A Fly, About 5-6mm, 2020

#10 Honey Bee On Lavender, 2020 (Sigma 70-300 Telephoto Lens)

#11 Drops On A Small Leaf, 2013

#12 Fly, 8-10mm, 2020

#13 Symmetry; Butterfly, 2013 (Canon 75-300 Telephoto Lens – Image Strongly Cropped)

#14 Veronica Officinalis, 2014

#15 Light Wings; Damselfly, 50-70mm, 2014 (Canon 75-300 Telephoto Lens)

#16 Locust, 15-20mm, 2020

#17 The Ugly; Green Fly, Around 9mm, 2013

#18 The Catch; Spider, About 15mm, 2020

#19 UPS!; Worm, About 5-6mm, 2014

#20 Moss, 2013

#21 Hoverfly , 5-6mm, 2014

#22 Small Frog Hiding In Water (Sigma 70-300 Telephoto Lens)

#23 Wild West Spider; Spider , ~10mm, 2014

#24 Ant, 5mm, 2015

#25 Locust In The Morning Colors, 5mm, 2019 (Olympus E-Pl1 With Reversed Manual Lens)

#26 Whaaaat?; Mantis, 2013 (Normal Canon 18-55 With Extension Tubes)

#27 Giant Ant, 6-8mm, 2020

By Csaba Horvath