We believe that technology can solve the world’s greatest challenges. 

Today we face critical challenges that is shaping the way we look at the world. The Artemis Gaia Centre for Sustainability is committed to developing solutions to combat climate change, biodiversity loss, water and food security. 

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Action is required at all levels: individuals, communities, businesses and government. We need people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make change happen. 

The rapid rise in consumption of our precious resources presents us with the urgent need to recycle, reuse and remediate. We can only meet these challenges by working together across industry sectors to accomplish a common goal.  

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Our Vision

As a research organisation we embed sustainability into everything we do. By integrating disruptive cutting-edge technology into our social, environmental and economic programmes, we are building a better future for everyone to ensure that we have the solutions to meet today’s challenges. 

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Artemis Gaia is an online marketplace for sustainable services and produce. We connect customers with brands who are environmentally conscious. In the midst of a global pandemic our bricks and mortar stores are facing a crisis of closure, we aim to provide a platform to support businesses and organisations sail the storm and assist in entering the digital retail market.


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